Video Storytelling: The Future of Content Marketing


Buzzwords are everywhere, but storytelling is the one buzzword that has been synonymous with marketing since the industry began. Stories are an essential device that creates change. “Storytelling” may, on the surface, seem like an outdated tool, but its simplicity is what makes it so powerful. It cuts through the clutter of generic, computer-generated, automated content.

Content is Trendy; Storytelling Is Part of the Human Experience

Boring, empty content can be found everywhere you look, but good stories will always break through. Effective storytelling requires a strong focus on what people want and need to hear, share and learn.

So how do you make the message relevant and interesting?

Be inclusive.

If you are creating a video program for your employees, it cannot be done in a vacuum. You need input from internal departments to create a cohesive, effective message: Sales provides customer insights and competitive intelligence, HR gives insight on hiring trends and what people are saying in interviews, marketing relays how different messages resonate in the market, and IT develops a system designed to be accessible by any employee at any time.

Understand your target.

Use your internal personas, so you can appeal to the different archetypes that make up your employee base.

Start small.

There is no way to capture all the knowledge in an organization by video, content management system or Vulcan mind meld. With input from your team, you can identify small knowledge gaps that can be filled by video, then fill them, test and determine whether you have hit your key performance indicators.

Remember that the solution technology sale or product is not the hero—the employee is.

Humans identify with other humans, not corporations. Why? Because it is individuals who make up an organization, not just employee numbers, revenue goals or fancy new gadgets that will be obsolete in three weeks.

Stories within video will never solve all issues in a business, but good storytelling can cut through the clutter and be an immense help.