Top Insights from SiriusDecisions Summit 2015


SD Summit Leopard

You might expect to see an opossum in Nashville, but a leopard? And yet just last week, you could have seen a leap of Leopards in Nashville as we descended on SiriusDecisions Summit this year. We found the sessions to be inspiring and thought provoking. Here are a few of the more interesting things we learned:

Really, why bother with alignment?

  • Research presented at the Summit showed that companies that focused on aligning the efforts of their sales, marketing and product teams showed 15 percent greater profits and 19 percent faster growth than companies that didn’t.

  • SiriusDecisions itself is much more fully behind integration. We heard details about the critical role each team needs to play in its own track but, more importantly, how they could better partner throughout the conference.

The real B2B buying process:

  • Statistics on how salespeople are no longer needed as part of the B2B buying process oversimplify the situation.

  • Instead, we need to enable salespeople with the skills, knowledge and assets to maximize every buyer interaction.

  • B2B buying actually happens a number of different ways: by committee, by consensus or by individual purchasing. And, not surprisingly, customers have different needs to be met by the salesperson and your content in each type of interaction.

Finally, something we’ve been talking about for a long time at Leopard: Let’s get some definition around solutions.

  • Most businesses are looking to sell solutions, not just products, but that means different things to different audiences.

  • SiriusDecisions proposed three definitions of “solution”: marketecture (marketing separate products together that don’t actually need to be purchased together to deliver the value), bundle (a group of products sold together where the buyer usually expects a discount for buying more) and an actual solution (components seamlessly bound together in a way that individual components can’t deliver).

  • What we often come across at Leopard are clients looking to sell a “bundle” at a premium price, when only a true solution actually commands one.

Stay tuned for more on these topics in the coming months!