The Power of Us: Creating the Leopard Website


You’ve heard the expression, “it’s not the destination, but the journey”? Well, in this case, it was both.

Every company needs a website. Great companies need great ones. We needed a place to showcase an impressive body of work for major national clients, a way to point out our unique industry specialty—sales enablement—and to highlight a methodology that is truly one of a kind. Knowing was the easy part.

Creating it was another thing altogether.

Sales enablement, especially as we practice it here, at what’s been called “the top SE shop in the country,” is very different from other communications disciplines. And the subtleties aren’t always apparent. Yet, for anybody looking to sell to or through sales, it’s our work that delivers a real aha moment about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our website had to make that aha moment clear.

Luckily enough, we’ve got some amazingly smart, talented people here at Leopard. Which made it a natural conclusion that we’d want to turn our entire crew loose on the project…the way to get the best thinking that everybody had to offer. We kicked off the effort with a very simple brief—one line, really, designed to open the cage and let the thinking fly: If you could create the face of Leopard online, what would you do?

The team produced some really terrific ideas, many of which wound up in the final work. An end product that was uniquely us, all of us.

So what did we end up with? A different kind of user experience. Big, bold slide shows that make our best work jump off the screen. A site that is intuitive and scannable and clear, to invite our visitors to spend time exploring what’s there.

Now, seeing the result, how different our site is and how well it represents us, I’ve gotten excited all over again. Being involved in something so new and different—a vehicle that really does justice to a company’s work and thinking, showing it in a way that will stay interesting and relevant and flexible for a long time—maybe, just maybe, I’d do it all over again.