SiriusDecisions Summit 2015 Demystifies B2B Buying


According to SiriusDecisions’ “2015 B-to-B Buying Study,” 67% of a B2B buyer’s journey is now made digitally. This was just one piece of information shared by Marisa Kopec in Nashville, at SiriusDecisions Summit 2015, in her very entertaining presentation “Demystifying B-to-B Buying for 2015 and Beyond.”

We hear stats like this all the time—how self-directed digital interactions are taking over more and more of a client’s purchase journey. And how digital media provide an opportunity for new, engaging and more relevant forms of human interaction.

But if organizations don’t account for this trend, they run the risk of commoditizing their products and solutions. The chart below shows that the volume of human interactions increases as prices rise. But it also shows that those interactions are still a part of even the lowest-priced purchases.


All this means that it is imperative that your client-facing employees can proactively engage your client when needed, at key points during the buying process. And they need the skills, knowledge and assets to maximize every buyer interaction. Don’t overcomplicate things or overwhelm them with information; instead, make it easy for them to find what’s important to the client.

At Leopard, we help you prioritize the right internal information and external-facing content, allowing you to engage in conversations with clients and prospects on their terms. And we make it easy for them to access the most relevant information when they need it.