Sales Enablement Sentiment: Then and Now


The Leopard team is big on research. Thoughtful, methodical research that informs our collective strategy and creative, plus positions us within the sales enablement and content marketing spaces.

In 2012, Leopard surveyed technology sales, marketing and buying professionals in a quantitative, proprietary research study that uncovered expectations about the buying process and identified where there were gaps. So what was the key takeaway? In a simple statement: the sales enablement category presents tremendous opportunity.

Here’s how:

  • As we’ve heard year after year, there’s a disconnect not only between sales and marketing, but also with customer expectations during a sales interaction. Buyers want well-prepped sales reps and tailored materials but aren’t getting either—78% of buyers think that it’s easy to spot a salesperson who doesn’t know their stuff.

  • Brand alignment is critical: 76% of both sales and marketing professionals believe that the brand is important during the sales process, and 47% of buyers say that “salespeople are ambassadors for their brand; how I think about a company has a lot to do with how I am approached by their sales team.” But only 28% of buyers believe that salespeople are prepared to answer their questions.

  • All respondents agree that “creativity” is a competitive advantage; yet, just 15% of sales and 12% of marketing professionals believe their materials are creative.

For over 25 years now, Leopard has been shaping the sales enablement space. We’ve learned that there is a vast and multifaceted disconnect between sales and marketing, and we’ve been there to help organizations align the two. And while many survey respondents considered sales support materials to be neither “creative” nor “innovative,” Leopard has proven to shape these initiatives into compelling creative, time and time again, by working directly with internal sales teams to extend and enhance brand messaging.

Be sure to stop back in a few months when we summarize our latest research findings, which dig into the psychology of technology buyers—we’ll give you keen customer insights and all you need to know about how the sales enablement landscape has changed since 2012.