Now Playing at the B2B Lounge: Change Management


Let me know if this sounds familiar: a major brand launches a change initiative, company morale falls, and the effort fails to take root.

This story has become commonplace because external change is not enough to move the direction of a company. Whatever the business, a company depends on its people.

The fact is, outside efforts can only work as a smaller part of a larger initiative. Changing the spirit or direction of a company takes more than outreach. It takes a dialogue the leads to team buy-in.

In this episode of the B2B Lounge, host Steve Mudd and guests Dawn-Marie Kerper and Cheryl Ader-Dunne, talk about why change management so often fails, and what you can do about it.

But don’t take my blog post for it—listen to Steve, Cheryl, and Dawn-Marie in conversation.

Leopard B2B Lounge: Change Management and how not to screw it up