Leopards “Embraced the Charm” at Ink Lounge



There’s a special little nook of inky magic in the heart of Denver’s Baker neighborhood. I first heard about Ink Lounge at Creative Mornings last year, when co-owner Stu Alden was one of the speakers. It sounded like a fantastic place to get creative brains and hands together, and we finally had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it last month. We asked Ink Lounge to put together a customized Team BuildInk event for us and, by all accounts, it was one of our favorite outings of all time.

Tucked away just west of Dailey Park, standing on Ink Lounge’s back patio, you won’t hear the bustle of South Broadway but you can definitely hear the wail of the trains as they ramble through the railyards nearby. With a retail front, the rest of Ink Lounge is devoted to workspaces and cozy gathering areas. Co-owner Nicky Alden walked us through the process while Leopards snacked and drank and enjoyed some off-the-beaten-path time together.

20160810_155241   20160810_155101   20160810_154942

It was fun to get all disciplines together to brainstorm the inside jokes that would make great designs. Once we formed some ideas, superstar designers Andy, Felipe, Terry and Yunita laid them out. But the real fun came on that special day, when each Leopard stood before the screens, pulling beautifully viscous green, pink, gold, silver and brown inks onto their t-shirts, koozies and moleskines. Instant gratification. The “maker” itch scratched. For a digital agency, it was refreshing to get our hands a little dirty with our creations.


If you’re in the Denver area looking for a great idea for group fun, we can’t recommend Ink Lounge highly enough!