Leopard Wins the Denver 50 Award


How many great ideas come out of ad agencies in Denver in a year? 1,000? 5,000? Quarter of a million? And which among those are the top ones?

In a field where great creative is often measured in numbers, Denver Ad Club’s “The Fifty” award—honoring the 50 best ideas of the year—is a number that all of us at Leopard found especially gratifying: This year, one of the 50 best ideas was ours.

Leopard was recognized for a video created for our client, Mentor Graphics: a demo for their groundbreaking Enterprise Data eXchange, a data format that helps PCB design disciplines integrate data enterprise wide.

Yet, here was the rub: EDX is a product so complex that a simple explanation was all but impossible. Our solution: to strip away the chaos of complex technical explanations, using entertaining graphics and simple language to make EDX’s paradigm-shifting intention accessible to all. The result: A video lauded by the client—and by the Denver 50 awards—as the right way to launch a product that was foundering in its own detail.

View the video.