Leopard keeps its winning streak going at the BMA B2 Awards.


After a successful evening at the Business Marketing Association (BMA) Colorado 2014 Gold Key Gala, taking home six Gold, three Silver and the Best Strategy awards, Leopard racked up more wins at the BMA B2 Awards. This show is the premier, business marketing awards program, featuring the best creative work from leading marketing and advertising agencies. At the competition, Leopard received three prestigious honors, the Award of Excellence in Integrated Marketing Communications Programs for the “Mentor PADS Campaign” and both the Best of Category Winner and the Super Category Winner in Web Presence for the recently redesigned “Leopard Website” (www.leopard.com).

We’re very proud of the Mentor Graphics entry because it showcases a wide variety of Leopard’s capabilities, from strategy and content generation to sales presentations and video.

And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t extremely proud to win a prestigious award for our very own website. Often, like the proverbial shoemaker’s children going barefoot, agencies expend so much energy and time on making their clients’ work the best that it can be, their own promotional materials and web presence end up being squeezed in late at night, on weekends and in between jobs. More website visitors? Check. Staying longer on the site? Check. New clients signed and more inquiries since going live? Check. BMA B2 Awards. Check and check.

Once again, we want to thank our clients. It’s a joint effort. Always. We’re proud of you. We’re proud of us. And now…back to work.