How I learned to love B2B: An intern’s story


Before I came to Leopard, I didn’t know much about what a B2B agency was. I was apprehensive that I’d be overwhelmed and was under-prepared to work for such a large firm.

Luckily, my misconceptions were wrong.

My time at Leopard was filled with new experiences. Yes, at first some of them were overwhelming, but smart, helpful and friendly coworkers guided me through my tasks. I had a new advisor every week so I was never lost in the crowd—which is the opposite of what most people fear will happen during their first internship. In addition, every week I worked on a new project for huge clients. Sometimes I was the main designer and my work would actually be presented to the client. I admired and appreciated how everyone treated me like a real employee and not just the student intern. They included me in critiques, client meetings and brainstorms, and my opinion was valued by all of these business professionals who had been in the industry for years. Their confidence in me gave me confidence in myself to speak up, give my opinion and work hard to create designs that would make them proud.

By the end of my summer, not only had I learned a great deal from everyone, I also felt like they had totally accepted me into their Leopard family. As a result, I am really going to miss them all. I wish the best for everyone at Leopard and can’t wait to see the new work they produce.

Annie is a senior at Pennsylvania State University, pursuing her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design. She is an also avid photographer, and put those skills to good use during her two-month summer internship at Leopard.