Killer creative: the ultimate B2B sales enabler


I’m a writer. On a typical day, I’m behind the scenes in either idea mode or execution mode, developing creative concepts and content that will help our clients sell more.

My husband is in sales. Every day, he’s on the front line with his clients, developing relationships that help him sell more to their companies.

For the longest time, I wrote primarily on the B2C side, and I thought our professional existences couldn’t be any more different—right brain, left brain. It wasn’t until I came to Leopard and started writing from more of a B2B and B2B2C mindset that I began to understand just how much we actually have in common. And how much sellers rely on creatives like me to make their jobs easier.

Some of what we do here at Leopard is described as “sales enablement,” but I like to think of everything we do in marketing and advertising as, ultimately, enabling sales. Many times, our creative storytelling—videos, infographics, e-books and more—opens that first door for sellers, piquing interest, inspiring thought and kick-starting action.

The thing is, in both B2B and B2C, whether you think so or not, your best content marketing is sales enablement. In fact, 90 percent of B2B marketers in a 2015 survey cited “nurturing prospects and influencing purchase” as key objectives for their content marketing programs, followed by “generating leads” and “creating awareness” at 83 percent and 76 percent, respectively.

And, like strong, consultative sales conversations, exceptional, strategic content that connects with your customers does not just fall out of thin air. There’s a reason that some of the top surveyed B2B leaders said that content creation is both the most effective marketing tactic and the most difficult to execute.

It takes a different kind of thinking, a fearlessness of failure, to produce on-point B2B creative that isn’t stuffy or boring but instead is whimsical and funny, deep and assertive—and, no matter what, meaningful, memorable and authentic to the brand. It’s a challenge, and it’s one that I love tackling with my fellow Leopards.

Think of me as the introvert of a brand’s sales cycle and the sellers as the extroverts. Funny thing is, I’m actually an extrovert, but, daily, I love channeling my energy into that of a backstage “professional enabler.”