Inspiring Lessons from WILD


Recently, several women from Ogilvy West attended the second annual Women Inspiring Leadership Development (WILD) Summit in Colorado. Although each speaker and breakout session had unique insights and takeaways, here are some key lessons from that day:

Facing Adversity and Challenges Might Lead to a More Authentic You.
Each speaker had overcome some life-altering event. Each woman tackled the event head on and, in the process, became more comfortable with who she was and what she needed. Most women didn’t tackle the challenge alone but sought help from a mentor, friend or therapist—they asked for help. A universal truth about being human is that we all face adversity. What is your adversity? If we can move through it with grace and grit, the possibilities are truly endless.

Comparisons Are the Most Deadly Thing in the World.
Rather than comparing ourselves with others, it is critical that we focus on our worth. There is value that all people bring to the table, as our experiences come through in our opinions and ideas. What is unique about each contribution made is the history behind it and the intentions that brought it about. Make sure that, during your day to day, you pay attention to the distinctive motivations and intentions behind your work. Develop and change accordingly.

A Company’s Culture and Your Personal Values Are Not Exclusive.
To be a happy employee, manager or executive, you should assess whether an organization’s culture and purpose are a fit with your own personal values. If they’re not, then you’re likely going to end up being in the 70% of employees who aren’t engaged at work and you won’t be happy at your company. When discovering your purpose, start by answering “why?” Why am I at this company, and what is my purpose? Employees should have a common ground of passion and drive.

A Real Story Is a Powerful Tool.
The day confirmed in real time that a well-told story has a lot more staying power than a 10-slide presentation. The theme of the summit was The Real Story, and each leader got up and shared her personal story of how she evolved to where she is today. These stories were insightful, entertaining and memorable. In their honesty, they uncovered a layer of vulnerability that we’re often afraid to show. That’s what made the stories so powerful, human and relatable.

Thank you to Colleen, Sheila, Julie, Ash and all the other presenters and panelists for sharing your real stories. As women, we can learn a lot from each other, if we’re willing to share and to listen in an authentic way.