How Do You Spell Happy Holidays?


In a season filled with sugar, lights, childlike wonder and Mariah Carey duets, standing out in December can be tough. And we wanted our clients to know just how much we care. It had to be something that would give you the same cheer as homemade cookies or a hand-knitted scarf. Something that would let us share our favorite things with our favorite clients.  We brainstormed, debated and collaborated on an idea that would give you an insight into who we are as Leopard. We decided to make a video that showcased our passions outside of the office and to wish you, our clients, a happy holidays.

Leopards in every discipline designed a letter, however they wanted, to help form a larger mosaic. An account executive and late-night crafter covered her Y with fabric. Our strategy director baked you a yummy D from scratch. Our executive creative director, who is also a competitive cyclist, gave you his crankset for an O. Unsurprisingly, a writer made his letter out of wine corks.

Behind the scenes, one of our associate creative directors shot hours of video for this one-minute clip. This ACD has a certain reputation. She is a non–native English speaker with a knack for a turn of phrase. For instance, when someone suggested chili for a filling lunch, she objected, saying “soup can’t fool me.” She also has an obsessive personality and does not hesitate to crack the whip on us. Having her agency as a client did not diminish her perfectionist streak. She did not rest or call “cut” until everything was just right.

The result is a video that showcases our passions, diversity and warm wishes, as well as the benefits of working with a director who won’t settle for one, two, or even five takes. At Leopard, we spell happy holidays with roses, hotel keycards, wine corks, cookies, wreaths and an attention to detail.

Using many materials, we have just one message for you: have a great holiday season!