Geek Love


Geekspeak: either you love it or you don’t.

At Leopard, we surprise ourselves by how much we do.

Who’da thunk it? Ours is the great good fortune to work in a place where we find fascination in Kevlar glove protection for workers’ hands…in content network feeds…in IoT and Hadoop and UX…in software that helps desktop jockeys design the printed circuit boards at the heart of everything. The stuff that mystifies other people is the stuff we find downright sexy.

Imagine working with an agency of tech-savvy B2B strategyheads. Seasoned marketing pros working side by side with purple-haired mavericks, and all of them dedicated to making even the geekiest of geekitude interesting. Fun, yes?

Technology is our common language. It’s in our creative DNA. And even more than our collective nerd energy—more than our knack for turning tech’s complexities into clear strategic value for sellers and customers alike—we’ve systematized processes that help companies lay claim to their strongest, most differentiating selves.

To hear our customers say “they get it” (and we hear that a lot) is the best compliment in the world for us. We ramp up to tech projects in the time it takes other folks to ask their first “what?” We’ve built a reputation for creating the essential connection between how people sell, what people buy and why they’d want to.

Turning geekspeak into geekfluence is our reason for being. Getting customers—and customers’ customers—to the moment of “ahahhhhh” faster is why we’re here. Yeah, it’s a rarefied language. And, speaking for my fellow geeks, it’s one I love more every day.


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