For B2B Businesses, Agencies Must Have B2B Expertise



More advertising and marketing agencies are entering the B2B space. These companies promise that their B2C success can translate into value-driven B2B work. But a B2B campaign has to be more than beautiful. It has to encompass technical points while creating a larger value message.

The generalists don’t get it.

In the B2B space, advertising skills aren’t enough. Clients need expertise that puts their specific business goals in context with larger industry trends. That means from the first meeting, agencies must understand their clients’ marketplace challenges and key performance indicators.

Only 16% of marketers rate the general planning of marketing activity from marketing consultants as “excellent.”¹

Generalist agencies can work for B2B companies. But these agencies are having trouble producing campaigns and connecting them to actionable sales enablement tools that speak to their B2B customers’ business challenges. To truly service B2B clients, agencies need to understand their customers’ work, goals, marketplace and differentiators.

Experts are on the rise.

And B2B marketers are realizing the value of hiring expert agencies. Nearly nine out of ten senior-level marketers and marketing agency executives surveyed said it’s somewhat to very important that the agency they hire specializes in their industry.² These companies aren’t impressed with just beautiful design and clever headlines. They need their agency to have real-world experience to understand how their business works and know what tools will enable growth. Specialty agencies have a unique ability to translate the complexities of their customers’ industries into clear, relevant value messages that connect with their client base.

For these B2B marketers, working with B2B agencies diminishes ramp-up time and produces relevant content and tools.

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