Celebrating our team: You Matter Day 2017


“If each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.” —David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising

David Ogilvy was dedicated to hiring—and retaining—the smartest, most creative people in the industry, and it was in that spirit that Ogilvy & Mather began You Matter Day in 2014. It’s a day that Ogilvy closes its doors to client activity and focuses on the people who make that activity possible. 2017 continued that tradition—with a twist. With all the recent devastation from hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, Ogilvy wanted its employees to spend part of You Matter Day in service to others.

We at Leopard took the tradition and spirit of You Matter Day to heart. We chose to serve Amp the Cause, a local nonprofit that specializes in service to children in low-income families. Every year, Amp the Cause throws holiday parties for kids at several area schools. We spent our morning wrapping gifts for these parties.

Next we had a delicious Thanksgiving potluck. Our theme this year was childhood memories, and we encouraged everyone to bring those dishes they most fondly remember from their youth. The food was scrumptious, but more than that, we just enjoyed hanging out with each other in a relaxed atmosphere with no deadlines pressuring us back to our desks!

The afternoon festivities kicked off with perhaps the most meaningful part of You Matter Day. As our leaders explained, Leopard is really good at recognizing our teams for the work they do for clients, but it is also important to stop and recognize each individual’s unique contribution to the company—their “superpower,” if you will. So our executive team set about identifying each person’s superpower—for example, trusted, tenacious and pioneering—and had that superpower emblazoned on a T-shirt. As each T-shirt was presented, our leaders described how they came up with that person’s superpower. More than a few people had tears in their eyes listening to these stories.

Leopard employees standing backward. Employees are wearing shirts they got on You Matter Day, each of which has that employee's "superpower" on the back of the shirt.

Moving on to lighter fare, the afternoon concluded with several bonding activities, such as identifying people’s baby pictures, guessing random facts about each other, drawing hand turkeys, and participating in planking and balancing contests.

Leopard’s You Matter Day had a little something for everyone—and we were proud and honored to take part in it.

To see our day, please view our video on YouTube.