BMA Roundtable: Partnership Starts at the RFP


BMA _Roundtable_11-14_Leopard Blog

At the end of the day, clients and agencies are ultimately seeking the same thing: a partnership that allows both parties to do great work and to make a difference for their respective businesses. So why is it sometimes so difficult to initiate great partnerships?

On Thursday, November 19, Leopard and BMA Colorado will host an interactive breakfast roundtable—Partnership Starts at the RFP: Evolving the Search Process to Develop Valuable Relationships—to show how following a traditional RFP process can actually set the client–agency relationship up for failure. During this session, we’ll explore how both clients and agencies can begin to build partnerships in new ways.

Facilitated by Leopard executives Cheryl Ader-Dunne, Brendan Hemp and Dawn-Marie Kerper—who represent strategy, creative and accounts, respectively—the BMA Roundtable presentation and discussion will begin uncovering mistakes that both clients and agencies make as part of the RFP decision-making process. As an attendee, you’ll learn how to begin formulating key goals that both groups can use to find shared success, as well as new ways of getting past those old “rules” to what you both really need to know in order to make a good buyer-and-seller decision.

In addition to their personal experiences in collectively responding to thousands of RFPs, Cheryl, Brendan and Dawn-Marie will bring Leopard’s view on the evolution of the B2B buying-and-selling experience into focus.

Register now to join us at Leopard on November 19 at 7:30 AM for networking and a continental breakfast, followed by a presentation and interactive discussion at 8 AM to help you uncover new ways of developing valuable client–agency relationships.