Agency Speed Dating at the Leopard B2B Lounge: Creating a Love that Lasts


For companies in search of a marketing partner, finding the right agency is a lot like online dating: You’re going to find a lot of likely candidates. You’ll discover huge gaps between passable choices and The One. And you’re going to encounter plenty of uncertainty along the way.

What should a client look for in an agency? What are the must-haves? The like-to-haves? What makes for a good connection between client and agency? What are the ground rules for a relationship that lasts?

In this edition of the B2B Lounge, Kelly Hanratty, Leopard’s Executive Director of Account Services and Operations, talks with Marketing Strategist Steve Mudd about some of the things she’s learned over years of experience on both the agency and client side.

A client’s search for the right agency doesn’t start with a close evaluation of the agency’s reputation, capabilities or work samples, but rather with a tough evaluation of themselves: What are we good at? Where do we fall short? Can the agency bridge that gap? Do we want them to be a consultative day-to-day partner—or a SWAT team that cranks out solutions at speed? What’s our tolerance for strong ideas that may be at odds with our own?

 The clear benchmark for success is a client/agency relationship that is valuable over a long time.  But partnership isn’t easy. Keeping everybody happy takes endless effort, honesty and patience. Listen in as Kelly and Steve share some surprising criteria for turning an online date into a marriage of like minds; ways of working with your agency that will help you keep the spark alive.

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